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“The Journey Within” is A Real Gift to Yourself

Imagine a room filled with bright faces of people who are happy being with themselves, happy spending time to rejuvenate and recharge themselves, who are clear that their life is not just happening around them, it is carefully designed by them, who had chosen happiness, who had chosen a commitment to recharge themselves. to come and renew this commitment by any reader isn’t easy. But this was done so effortlessly by the young, vibrant, sincere, serious, chosen reader of the program “Journey to Self”, episode 5, Sriharsh Vaidya.

I have learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next-delicious ambiguity – Gilda Radner.

Every episode of Journey to Self is helping people understand themselves better, helping people understand the crux of the above quote by Gilda Radner, as they enjoy the ambiguity and uncertainty of what’s going to unfold in the episode.

The session was unfolded by the reader of Episode 05, Sriharsh Vaidya. His purpose of life is to contribute to build a world wherein people choose to lead their life not based on what the outside world forces them to do but based on what their inside world inspires them to do.

As per him, “whoever you are, whatever you have, start helping others and make your life worth by adding value to others life”.

True to his saying, he helped the participants understand the new world of energy sciences and how one can lead a healthy life based on this understanding. Sriharsh started the session with an invocation as he explained that for anything to be transformational, divine guidance is a must. He not only shared the prayer but also explained the science behind it as he feels that lot many times, art is passed but the science behind the art is not passed, that’s why people have stopped going deeper to understand themselves. He gave a wonderful analogy of a mobile to help us understand the importance of energy sciences. The way having a mobile isn’t enough, sim, the network is important to use it effectively, similarly having an understanding of the physical body isn’t enough to understand the potential of human beings. He beautifully explained that if we all understand that we live in the ocean of life energy, this realization will solve all the problems.

Going little deep, he shared insights into the pranic healing, which is an energy healing technique. Our body is actually composed of two parts: the visible physical body and the invisible energy body called the energy body or aura. The visible physical body can be seen and touched. Our aura is that invisible luminous energy body, which interpenetrates the visible physical body and extends beyond it.

To talk more about pranic healing,

Pranic healing is a healing modality developed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (GMCKS) that works with prana or life energy to improve a wide range of physical and psychological ailment. It is a science behind energy healing that has been into practice from ancient times in india and many parts of the world. With pranic healing we are able to detect imbalances in the aura (bioplasmic body or energy field around our body) and remove them using simple techniques that involve no touching and no drug and anyone above 16 years can learn to do it. It is supported by tons of researches and testimonials around the world. Today pranic healing has spread to over 100+ countries.

Pranic healing is the understanding of the energy system in such a way that we are able to welcome its very positive side and absorb it thoroughly, fully and completely and at all levels. On the other side, it helps us extricate, externalize and disintegrate all the negative part that exists in or around us and in others, as well! We learn to recognize these energies and use these energies effectively in our present lives and lives to come (yes!!!!!)

He introduced us to a wonderful soul affirmation, an affirmation which helps us understand, we are one with divine spark, we are one with god, we are one with all. He gave us wonderful tools such as meditation on twin heart, affirmations, abdominal breathing, salt bath, forgiveness prayer. We were all mesmerized by his explanations. The energy of the session was extremely high as it was an interactive one.

The participants were totally enthralled, engaged and energized by his understanding of such a deeper subject. Sriharsh explained this in-depth subject in a very simple, understandable manner. The participants were amazed to know that clairvoyants can know our thoughts too.

Sriharsh, with great examples, explained the importance of positive self-talk and helped us understand the importance of it in organizations, family, parenting, maintaining health.

He also emphasized that pranic healing isn’t intended to replace allopathic medicine but to complement it. If symptoms persist or an ailment is severe, patients are expected to consult a medical doctor or a certified pranic healer. he further shared his experiences with his clients, where he helped them in pain management, relationship management, self-management. it was very interesting to know the approach and the ethical standards in his approach.

The following day he has taught us one of the best meditations called meditation on twin heart,which is so powerful that by doing it everyday one can actually achieve the state of medicine free body and stress-free mind. i personally request to everyone that do learn and practice twin heart meditation every day to give best life to sriharsh continues to share his transformational tip of the day every day to keep the participants connected to the session and self.

The session was totally transformational. we are grateful to Sriharsh Vaidya, our reader for the journey to self program for giving us such valuable inputs on this amazing world of energy sciences.

If you are looking forward to experience this journey, do contact us or whatsapp me at 9823620531.

Atma Namaste!!!

Manisha Singh

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