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Start Growing Through Life

Journey to Self-E-08 exemplified life’s amazing secrets, in the true sense by sharing from our reader Sanjeet Kolkattil.

The session started with an activity of expressing gratitude by participants to all those people, who have impacted them in their life. Seven rounds were done for the gratitude expressing which charged up the session before the reader could get the opportunity to unleash the learnings.

The reader by choosing this book-“Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to find balance and purpose in your life”? by Gopal Das Gaur conveyed very passionately, “Stop going through life, start growing through life”.

Sanjeet shared, whether you are looking at strengthening your relationships, discovering your true potential, understanding how to do well at work or even how you can give back to the world, he shared precious insights in the forms of stories from the book.

He shared the importance of gratitude that will help one align oneself with the life one wants to live. the insights, examples and the stories were simple to understand and were life-changing if one truly understands the motive behind the same.

Sanjeet spoke about the 4 principles that form the foundation of a happy life. these are categorized as follows

  • Personal life,

  • Relationships,

  • Work life, and

  • Social contribution.

He talked about how to keep them balanced to live a life full of values and happiness. Sanjeet spoke in detail about forgiveness and suggested everyone see the forgiveness sheet which is given at the end of the book which will also help one in self-discovery.

He also spoke about ikigai, everyone’s ikigai is personal to them and specific to their lives, values, and beliefs.

It reflects the inner self of an individual and expresses that faithfully, while simultaneously creating a mental state in which the individual feels at ease. activities that allow one to feel ikigai are never forced on an individual.

They are often spontaneous, and always undertaken willingly, giving individual satisfaction and a sense of meaning to life.

Take a moment to draw your own version of the overlapping circles of the ikigai symbol and consider the following:

  • What do you love? What aspects of your life bring you into your heart and make you come alive?

  • What are you great at? What unique skills do you have that come most naturally to you?

  • What talents have you cultivated and what do you excel at even when you aren’t trying?

  • What cause do you believe in? What breaks your heart or pulls at your gut? what change would you most love to create in the world? What would you give your life for?

  • What do people value and pay you for? What service, value or offering do you bring, or could you bring, that brings real value to others? Something, people need and are happy to pay for or share some value in exchange?

He encouraged everyone to read the book as every chapter starts with a beautiful quote by legendary people and ends with a summary of the chapter.

Sharing some of the profound pearls of wisdom, written by the author from the book.

  • As you become successful, don’t forget the keys to happiness.

  • Behind the smiles, everyone is going through personal struggles, we know nothing about.

  • Having a friend to listen to your problems and discuss them with you is the beginning of finding a solution.

  • We must find positivity in the bleakest situations and live by the principle of gratitude

  • Stop and reflect of your life regularly, pressing the pause button to practice gratitude is the way to make it a constant in your life.

  • When things are beyond your control and there is nothing you can do, why worry?

  • Spiritual practice is the foundation of the our happiness, it guides us in times of turmoil and grounds us in times of joy.

  • We should deal with each other sensitively, our attitude towards life affects how we act in our relationships.

  • There are many ways to perceive others. we should start choosing the one which magnifies the positive and avoids the negative.

  • Corrective feedback can make or break our relationships.

  • Forgiveness is a complex concept. we must understand it thoroughly to be able to internalize it.

  • Our relationships are stronger when they contain a spiritual component.

  • At work, we tend to compare and compete with others, instead of comparing and competing with ourselves.

  • To find your purpose in life, you must go on a journey of self – discovery.

  • Spirituality helps develop good character. its is character that shines bright when words fail to do so.

  • You can be completely selfish, completely selfless and any of the combinations in between. life is a journey being selfish to becoming selfless.

  • The first step in selflessness is to practice it with our family.

  • We can increase the scope of selflessness beyond our family by serving our community, city or even nation.

  • Service brings joy. adding a spiritual element to our seva can make it more fulfilling.

Overall, it’s been a book that one can pick up anytime one feels low or out of balance. it’s written beautifully and presented well. the language is quite easy, and it is neither fast-paced nor slow.

Life’s amazing secrets by gaur gopal das is a book to inspire and motivate the readers towards the true goal of living and how to make our lives complete. it will suggest solutions to daily problems like stress, feeling like defeated, competition, financial pressures, strained relationships, rising crime, inflation.

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Hare Krishna!!!

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