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Journey to Self – Stress to Success

You Love Reading Books

  • Do You Love to Share What You Read

  • Do You Love to Learn From Others Who Read Books

  • Would You Like to Discover Who You Are Actually

  • Would You Like to Have An Association of Like-Minded People

  • Are You That Person Who is Constantly Seeking For Growth

If Your Answer is – BIG YES!!!

Then Keep Reading this Article because there is a Strong Possibility that You too can have an Opportunity for an Amazing Exposure.

Now as We all are having a Strong Desire that We should have such Association of Like-Minded People Where Everyone Comes Together, Shares Together, Learns Together and Celebrates Together. I was aspiring for the same for a long time and finally, I got it. As I strongly believe that,

”What You Are Seeking is Seeking You”.

This Initiative has been taken by Mr. ANAND PATWA and Ms. MANISHA SINGH, who are both Professional Trainers in the field of Human Behaviour, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and others.

Mr. Anand Patwa is The Founder Of ‘SADGAMAYA’. SADGAMAYA word meaning Leading to Truth/Reality. SADGAMAYA is deeply involved in Applying Human Behavior Technology through NLP, Strategic Interventions, Coaching – Results, Relationship, Life and offer Services from People from all Walks of Life to Influence, Lead and Cause Positive Changes within them and those around.

Ms. Manisha Singh is The Founder Of ‘TAKSH’. It is an organization dedicated to helping Children, Teens, Adults, Families and Corporate with an objective to make People Emotionally Intelligent specializing in Emotional Intelligence, EQ Assessments, EQ Profiling and Coaching.

They both have started a Wonderful Initiative called Journey to Self as a Collaborative Learning Opportunity for like-minded People with Intention of Learning and Sharing from Reading. This will eventually help People to Lead their Life with altogether New Energy. We all are Emotional Beings and We all need Such an Environment to Grow as an Individual. So I Got an Invitation from them and immediately Made My Mind that I will go and attend the same with My Friends.

It was a Pleasant Sunday Evening and the moment We Entered the Office, the Energy was Mesmerizing and the Vibrations were so Positive that I immediately felt that We are at Right Place with Right People and at a Right Time.

The Session started with Ms. Manisha Sharing the Purpose and Vision of this Initiative. She asked Our Expectations What We have from the Session and WHY have We decided to Spend Special Sunday’s Evening and too on Friendship Day.

She shared about her Experience of Book Reading. She shared Few Events Which happened in Her Life Where She got the feeling that Books can truly Change the Course of Life totally!

As Manisha had set the tone for the Evening, it was time to listen to Mr. Anand Patwa. He shared that How He was an Anti-Reader and then What made him Read and How he got Connected to this Rich Habit of Reading Books. He told that Books have the Best Solutions Provided if One is Seeking Sincerely and Putting the Proper Efforts!

After having the Basic Introduction and Sharing About the Changes What Occurs in their Lives, It was time to Start the Discussion on Read-Learn-Share.

Mr. Anand has shared about One Book which he liked so much called:- Stress to Success in 31 Days. He asked us that,

“When Do We Feel Stressed?”

All the Participants shared their Reasons and Situation in Which they get Stressed. He Shared the Key Points, discussed the Same One by One, and He shared a Wonderful Piece of Paper which has a Checklist to Lead a Stress -Free and Happy Life. The Check List is very Simple and Requires Our Awareness in the Present Moment to adhere to the Same. It was a amazing learning to understand the Wheel of Life covering Aspects Related to Career, Finance, Family, Health and Fitness, Recreation, Personal Development and Spirituality in a Short Duration.

It was Really a Fulfilling Session. We Practiced Breathing Activities during the Sessions to have the Practical Approach of the Same. After the discussion of 30-40 mins, We shared Our Learnings of the Session and Committed to Ourselves to be the Part of this Amazing Journey. The Session was followed by Refreshment and Everybody expressed their Gratitude to them for their wonderful Initiative.

Wow… All the Participants were Super Excited to Implement the Check List and Be Committed to themselves.

Let me share My Learnings here!

  • If I have Written Goals Everyday then I will have more focus towards each Goal as I know what exactly needs to be done!

  • Clarity is Power. Setting the Priorities and Putting them in Sequence I will be More Productive as well as I can Know What needs to be Done by When.

Our Former President Mr. Abdul Kalam Said, “You can not Change Your Future Overnight but You Can Change Your Habits Overnight Which Will Change Your Future.”

So in this method, I can develop those Habits which will Help Me on Daily Basis for More Focused and Productive Work.

So as You have Got a Glimpse about this Wonderful Initiative, Which can really be Helpful for All of Us in Our ‘Journey To Self’. And I believe that it is the most important journey We all need to Experience and Enjoy!!!

If You want to be Part of this Association, Kindly Contact on Below Details.

anand.patwa@sadgamaya.com +91 7769054343 &

manisha@taksh.com +91 9823620531

Thank You & Stay Blessed!!!

Hare Krishna

Team JTS

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