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Journey to Self - Corporate Chankaya

“If you want to go fast go alone” but “If you want to go far then go together”

This quote resonates me a lot as I had learned this lesson early in my life since I started my entrepreneurship journey three years ago.

I had an amazing experience in the second session on Journey to Self – Corporate Chanakya, which made me realized and reiterated once more the same affirmation that “Yes together we all can go far.” With that intention, I express my deep gratitude to the founders of Taksh & Sadgamya who have started this wonderful initiative called Journey to Self.

This post is for the sharing my insights from the second session which is really a memorable experience for lifetime.

As saying goes: “Whatever you are seeking is seeking you”.

Let’s do a small recap, the first session of journey of life – stress to success has been amazing as Mr. Anand Patwa kept the energies at higher vibration by sharing one learning every day along with an affirmation for 30 days.

I was excited to attend the second session as I believe that life will never stop us from teaching and so we should never stop learning.

Let me start by sharing about the environment which was created to raise our energy levels tremendously. Wonderful soul feeding experience was just waiting for all of us to happen to learn more from this session. The session was addressed by Ms. Leena who was the chosen one in the lucky draw last time to share about the learnings.

Ms. leena is a corporate trainer and working in mnc as a team leader. A happy soul, growth oriented, dynamic and passionate speaker has traveled internationally, Ms. Leena had come to session with her husband Mr. Dhiraj, who is doing business in the field of project management and her brother Mr. Sachin, who too is an entrepreneur.

Ms. leena had chosen the book called Corporate Chanakya by Radhakrishnan Pillai. I personally follow ancient indian philosophy and here I got the knowledge which was shared by Chanakya for leadership. Just before this book was written, Mr. Radhakrishnan Pillai had gone to aashram for one year to understand the culture and environment of aashram life where the knowledge was shared by Chanakya.

Corporate Chanakya highlights the leadership qualities as shared by Chanakya. We all know the history of Chanakya that he was the kingmaker. His student चंद्रगुप्त मौर्य (Chandragupta Maurya) got the entire education from Chanakya and later on, became the king of अंखड भारत (Akhand Bharat). He wasn’t that much brave or intelligent by birth but Chankya taught him each and every single thing to be a successful king. That’s the reason that most of the political leaders and rulers choose to learn about चाणक्य नीति (chanakya niti).

On behalf of all the participants, we express our deep gratitude to Ms. Leena for her commitment by delivering the session meticulously. She had read the book many times and has watched entire series of TV show which has helped her to grow in personal as well as professional life.

She shared a well-designed document to make the participants understand the essence of the book. She really inspired us a lot. In her session, she shared about qualities of leader as shared by the author.

1) leadership

a. competition

b. to avoid

c. people

d. power

e. qualities of leader

2) training

a. trainees

b. boss

c. organization

d. advice

3) management

a. employees

b. finance

c. team work

d. strategy

1. Total alertness: awareness is the key to everything. when it comes to grabbing the opportunity, one must be aware of the same. leadership is saddled today with worst things to happen and they wait for them to happen and then take the decisions. but to lead people successfully and effectively, the leader has to be alert 24*7 to achieve the great results by exploring opportunities at the right time.

2. Advice for entrepreneurs: getting the advice is important from the person who has traveled the path and knows that what one will face during the journey. getting the valuable inputs can help in getting the desired outcome.

3. Multiple tasking: leaders can’t afford or justify to say that they can do specific tasks only. they need to keep everyone on track and must develop this skill of multiple tasking.

as rightly said: “master was once a disaster”.

one needs to be master in multiple tasking to be an effective leader.

4. Open door policy: leader should be approachable to his people. there has to be a nurturing environment for people to meet and talk to their leaders, which leads to organisation growth and improvement in the productivity. so open door policy is the key to get the highest productivity and interpersonal relations in the organisation.

5. Ethics in business: at the core of the organisation growth and long-term sustainability, i believe that we all must understand that there are no shortcuts and if we go for a shortcut then we will end up with the short circuit. ethics are critical to establishing trust and achieving the long-term vision.

6. Start now: there is no perfect moment to start anything. take a moment and make it perfect. so neither we can go in past and change and nor we can go in future and create. what we have is now, the present moment. start now is the right attitude to get progress in everything. this correlates with the mindfulness, the buzz world today.

7. Knowledge for a leader: there is a difference between knowledge and information. knowledge is something we understand and practice. but information is just gathering the details without understanding and applying. the effective leadership calls for investing time to develop the knowledge enabling one to lead with clarify.

8. Decision making: one decision can change the entire scenario be it the best or worst. as rightly said that “no decision is right or wrong, it’s up to us that whether we make it right or wrong.” so decision making quality is the first quality which a leader must develop empowering him to take tough decisions for good cause.

9. Spiritual side: we know that to have a smooth drive during the journey, all wheels need to be aligned and function properly. leaders are so engrossed in daily routine that they miss taking care of one’s spiritual being. gratitude is key to the spiritual side. expressing and receiving gratitude feeds our spirit and which further fuels the body and mind to work more effectively.

10. Eye for details: detailing about everything is the way to avoid the conflicts and consequences which damages the system. yes, eye for details is the most important aspect of life and business. detailing helps to build appropriate plans for the development of organization and this distinguishes success and failure.

11. Being energetic: leadership isn’t the position but it’s the responsibility. the leader is like the engine of the whole vehicle. that’s the reason they say: you show me the leader and i will show you the team. it’s an exact duplication of leadership. so being energetic is non-negotiable quality of leadership.

12. Improve what you inherit: As saying goes: Growth is life.

The leader must improve the system, the people, the output & most importantly the life of others. leaders can’t afford to make excuses and have to deliver by being grateful by focusing on the positive side of the situation and improve it for the betterment of the whole being.

13. Setting an example: they say: lead by example. leaders need to exhibit by setting up the desired habits enabling people to follow them.

14. Work through problems: the real test of leadership is during the crisis, crisis is the filtration as well as the test of leadership that how one performs in challenges. good leader will always work through problems and protect his people.

15. Respect and protect women: swami vivekananda has said: “to develop the nation what we need to do is to educate the girls”. if women are respected and protected, then there will be harmony in the society which will lead to holistic growth.

16. Don’t forget your people: true leader will never give up on people, rather he chooses to spend time and work on them. leadership is of the people, for the people and by the people.

17. Passing mantle: once leader has given his best and developed the legacy, he must pass it on to others. leadership is all about sharing and caring, so passing mantle is the topmost quality, a leder has to exercise.

The session once again raised the spirit of the people present as they are the chosen ones to get acquainted on the leadership quality in a crisp and clear manner. I feel like reading the book to have more insights on leadership which we practice in day to day life. this concludes the brief write-up on the amazing learnings.

If you have the strong desire that you would love to get associated with such noble initiative, then feel free to reach to us. the purpose of this initiative is to learn & share with each other so that we can grow together in life.

📷if you want to be part of this association, kindly contact on below details.

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Thank you & stay blessed!!!

Hare Krishna!!!

Team JTS


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