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Journey to Self - Change is easy, only I need to choose

  • How many times you have decided to follow your own passion but because of certain fears you stopped yourself from doing it?

  • How many times you have decided to change your certain habits and beliefs but not able to unlearn those?

Very profound. isn’t it?

Life’s biggest irony indeed!!! easy to speak and difficult to implement.

What do you feel?

I felt the same, what you might be thinking right now, after reading the above statement.

What i want to share here is if change would have been that easy and if i would have had that right wisdom and knowledge to choose what is good for me, things would have been totally different. and that is why it is rightly said, life teaches you that nobody else teaches you and never stop learning because life will never stop teaching. that was what i felt and experienced recently.

A heartfelt gratitude to my great friends Manisha Singh and Anand Patwa, the founders of Taksh and Sadgamaya respectively. They have started a beautiful endeavor, Journey to Self on August 6th, 2018. A wonderful initiative which intends to build a person holistically through a very powerful theme: read, learn and share. The idea is very innovative as this is a monthly activity and the chosen reader reads and shares the wonderful learnings of that book in the next immediate session. this is followed by daily learnings/affirmations as well.

As destined, I missed the second session as I wasn’t well but something amazing was waiting for me in the third session where I happened to meet Mr. Sachin Dande. A thorough gentleman with a very humble and simple demeanor. he was the speaker and we all were very excited to listen to him.

Sachin travels around the world as part of his job as a mechanical engineer. Around eight years ago, he donned the mantle of social entrepreneur and along with eight others embarked on a new mission. they decided to make low cost and low maintenance solar lamps to be distributed among people living in the drought-hit parts of maharashtra. their mission of life is to empower every house with solar energy.

They have taken their mission at the grass root level; whereby they have reached around 2000 households with their mission, “replace kerosene lamps”.

Being not an avid reader, he couldn’t read the book that was assigned, so he politely mentioned that he hasn’t read the book but will share the profound learnings to the ‘Journey to Self’ through his own life experiences. That raised the bar to the next level and everybody got more curious to know what he will speak for 45 minutes as he had himself declared that he is not a speaker but a learner. After the unique introduction round proposed by beautiful manisha singh, the session started. Now, to know that uniqueness, you must attend ‘Journey to Self’.

With a candid appearance and energetic persona, he opened the session expressing his belief on simplicity of life with a statement that the real journey begins with winning the self and rest all is illusion. In simple words, he narrated that life is all about the journey of discovering the self while asking the most important question,

Who am i?

and then moving ahead in life searching the you within and finally finding the within with the formidable answer that:

I am he/thee.

He comprehended that life is all about conquering and winning the six human vices within as follows:

  • काम (Lust)

  • क्रोध (Anger)

  • मोह (Attachment)

  • मद (Ego/Pride)

  • मत्सर (Jealousy)

  • माया (Illusion)

and we experience these emotions in our lives every day.

Life is nothing but a sum-total of these basic traits of human personality. what matters most is that how do we contain them and control them to lead a better and balanced life.

He aptly said, “universal law never makes the mistake”. He helped us understand that all these emotions aren’t bad as long as we express them constructively and wisely. Emotions shouldn’t control our behavior as uncontrolled emotions caused huge damage to the person within and the world around. For example, lust in any form is bad whether it is for materialistic possessions or bodily pleasures but when lust is in its purest form i.e. it is in the form of a passion for our purpose bigger than self, lust is all good. similarly, when anger is uncontrolled and is practiced through physical and verbal abuse, it is totally destructive but when the same emotion is channelized in a subtle way to get a thing done, anger is beneficial and fruitful.

What he made us understood that universal law never makes mistakes and if we are endowed with these vices, there is a purpose behind them. Let us go with the flow and respect the universal creation which is our source of being.

To understand life and its nuances, we continuously have a battle going on in between the two voices within, one voice is that what our heart speaks, and the other is what our brain conveys.




a continuous tussle we all experience and undergo and that is:

Should I follow what my heart says?


Should I follow what my brain says?

What is important is that we must follow our instincts and win over this battle. It is certainly not easy but not impossible too.

The session was getting exciting as he started sharing his own life experiences on conditions which govern our journey to self.

  • Intent matters more than the environment. the present time and history reflect that many great souls were born and raised in the pathetic environment, still, they have sailed all the storms through their own knowledge and wisdom gained through life experiences.

  • Success and failures in life are the actual determinants shaping the destiny of a person. Lessons learned and implemented consistently through hard way are more empowering and enriching than the lessons learned through prescribed doctrines and dogmas.

  • Making thoughtful paradigm shifts helps to sail through the challenges and tragic experiences in our life. he experienced this when he lost his mother due to cancer.

  • Life is a roller-coaster ride and sunrise and sunset are the best examples to explain that after every sorrow and hour of darkness, light of joy and happiness does come into life.

  • The universal creation is never at flaw. what we deserve, we do get and what we don’t, is taken away and the life cycle goes on without interruption and intervention. many people have come, and many people will go but it is only few who leave an indelible mark and imprints.

  • Wisdom isn’t the bye-product of knowledge acquired through books but is a reflection of actual behaviour as how you respond or react to a situation.

  • Expectations are source of misery but still, we are slave to them. the real victory lies in winning over the expectations and mastering.

  • He concluded his supreme session with the universal fact that ‘change is the only constant’.

  • A winner is one who is vigilant and watchful enough to accept and bring changes in one’s mode of thinking and lifestyle by rising above six vices and a champion is one who is able to win over emotions.

Listening to him was something which i had been experiencing over the past couple of years in my journey of life. Learning is a continuous process and learning from someone who himself is a book, is really cherishable and commendable.

Let’s summarize the major takeaways from the session:

  • Change is the biggest ingredient to grow in one lifes.

  • Handling our emotions are the real anchor to be on path for successful life

  • Emotional equilibrium creates the financial, relational, social and spiritual equilibrium within and with the outside world.

  • Winning over self is only the actual battle, which we have to win every moment.

  • The purpose of life is to discover yourself and then pursuing that purpose with 3ps patience, perseverance, and passion.

  • Follow your heart and voice within creates real magic and success stories. that is why 96% of the population is still ruled by 4%.

  • Nothing is right and wrong. it is how one perceives, believes and conceives and finally achieves.

“Change is hard when I resist it” & “Change is easy when I accept it”.

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