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I believe that if this article has reached you, then you must be a person with a relatively higher level of consciousness. this article is going to unveil some of the higher truths and i believe that the higher level of truths can only be perceived by the higher level of consciousness. I am glad to say that you are the chosen one and I hope that you will choose to read this article with an open mind.

I recommend you to practice discernment and intelligent evaluation so that the wisdom that shared here can add more value to your life.

So, let’s start by using your power of imagination

Take a few moments and…

  • Imagine a morning where you get an opportunity to meet a group of people who believe in sharing incredible knowledge that they got from reading the books complemented by real-time life experiences so that people around them can get benefited.

  • Imagine you getting bestowed with the wisdom that is required to live your life to the fullest and a long-term association to implement and make that wisdom as an inseparable part of your life. Imagine you becoming a contributor to building a community that aims to grow, share and sustain the essence of educating self and improving the quality of life in all dimensions.

  • If the above 3 imaginations get combined and manifest in the physical world as a program then that manifestation can be named as journey to self.

This program is one of the finest initiatives that is taking all its participants through an amazing journey of self-mastery. As it is progressing from one episode to another, the quality of life of those who is attending is getting better and better. To be honest, i am one of the biggest testimony of it.

On 19th jan 2019, Journey to Self had its episode no.6. I was one among the participants and the chosen reader (the key speaker) for the day was Mr. Binit Gaikwad. By qualification, he is a ME Aerospace Engineering. He works with a multinational company in car interior design and development.

As a part of the program, he was supposed to choose a book from which he will be sharing the concepts and his experience around those concepts by keeping his own life as a reference. The book, he chose was Power vs Force by Dr. David R Hawkins. This is one of the most significant books that anyone can read. Power vs Force explains the connection between the individual level of consciousness and human behavior.

We asked binit on his why of choosing this book.

His answer was “as I am seeing from the last 5 episodes of journey to self, the books and experiences that is being shared is of very high level with topics related to human psychology, the law of attraction, energy sciences. What I felt when I picked this book (Power vs Force) is that i will be able to articulate the spectrum of different emotions and behaviors in a dimension of energy and consciousness. This will help us to know where we stand in our life & most importantly why we stand where we stand”.

Sharing the learnings of power vs force in just 60 minutes wasn’t an easy cakewalk, however, he carved his whole session so beautifully by covering the major concepts of the book & presented them effectively to make the audience understand the real essence of the book.

in the first half of the session, he has explained the deeper meanings of power and force. Also, the different results that they produce. In the second half, he shared the “map of consciousness” which was mind-blowing and an absolute eye-opener for all of us. Out of many points, he shared from the book and his personal experience with, I would like to mention here some of them which are of deep meaning and are really transformational.

  • Man thinks he lives by virtue of the forces, he can control, but in fact, he is governed by power from unrevealed sources, power over which he has no control.

  • Power is effortless; thus, it goes unseen and unsuspected.

  • Force is experienced through the senses; power can be recognized only through inner awareness.

  • Force is always moving against something, whereas power doesn’t move against anything.

  • Force is intrinsically incomplete and therefore has to constantly be fed by energy. power is total and complete in and of itself and requires nothing from outside of itself. it makes no demand; it has no need.

  • Force has an insatiable appetite, it constantly consumes. power, in contrast, energizes, gives forth, supplies and supports. power gives life and energy. force takes these away.

  • Power is associated with compassion and makes us feel positive about ourselves. force is associated with judgementalism and tends to make us feel bad about ourselves. force always create counterforce; its effect is to polarize rather than to unify.

By seeing the above points, we can say that the one thing which has to be enhanced is power.

Dr. David R Hawkins says that “the only way to enhance one’s power in the world is by increasing one’s integrity, understanding and capacity for compassion”

Talking about the second half of the session binit took us through the map of consciousness that scales from 1 to 1000 (where 1 is simply being alive and 1000 is the advanced state of enlightenment) is a study done by dr. david hawkins for several decades. he used applied kinesiology as a tool for doing consciousness research.

The beauty of this map is its clear differentiation from one emotion to another. we always hear people saying “I want to be a better person”. But before we become better we must know where we are. this map gives us a certain level of understanding and provides clarity where we want to move. It also indicates whether we are driven by force or by power.

When binit was explaining about each level starting from 20 (shame) to 700 – 1000 (enlightenment), he also added his own life experience with respect to them. this made the whole session more engaging and experiential. When talking about courage (level 200), he shared one of the phases of life where he went through a lot of challenges to get into his first job and later how he grew step by step by being courageous and responsible. It was really inspiring. The participant easily related to their life as well.

Binit’s honesty and sincerity in sharing made us immerse in the session to the fullest. Though it was a tough subject to get along with, by using simple examples and metaphors, he made us understand the concepts in a simpler way.

Before I conclude I would like to mention a few major learnings from the whole session.

  • Being compassionate towards all will increase the probability to go up in the level of consciousness.

  • Drive your life by power and not by force.

  • Forming opinions will blind us from seeing the things as it is.

  • Handling an emotional crisis leads to greater wisdom and results in lifetime benefits. fear of life is really the fear of emotions. it is not the facts that we fear but our feelings about them. master your feelings, master your life.”

  • Spiritual evolution occurs as the result of removing obstacles.

19th Jan 2019 has become a remarkable day for us. I really feel thankful to all the forces that made me attend this powerful session. I would like to express deep gratitude to the founders of journey to self and our amazing reader mr. binit gaikwad for giving us the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as better human beings. All the sharing of binit has contributed a lot and we believe that we will move up on the scale of consciousness very fast.

If you liked this article and if you find it worthy, then I believe that you will share with your loved ones and help their life better and blissful.

Hare Krishna!!!

Sriharsh Vaidya

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