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Journey to Self is a community platform and a joint initiative by Taksh and Sadgamaya, offering collaborative learning opportunity through Reading, Learning, and Sharing the uncommon stories of how books and their learning have touched, transformed and magically changed the life of an individual. We encourage and welcome you to join this initiative. As you do, you will discover each episode to be a completely new experience in your life. If you like reading books, if you like sharing what you read, if you like to learn from what others read, then Journey to Self is the perfect platform and the community for you.

Anand Patwa,

Founder Sadgamaya

Manisha Singh,

Founder Taksh

From Our Blog


Always excited to attend the Sessions. Each episode has been unique and has

transformed me significantly.

Dr. Gazal Goyal Bansal

Founder at Conscience Connect

Journey to Self helped me in reinventing myself and building the reconnection with books.

Binit Gaikwad

I rediscovered myself. It has been a fantastic journey, Thanks Anand and Manisha for this initiative, All the Best!!!

Leena Ladhe


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